Free Forklift Driver Training and Certification

forklift driver trainingForklift drivers are always in high demand and enjoy steady work at great hourly rates. Additionally, most employers will provide health care, vacation time, and even retirement benefits. Driving a forklift is an easy path to a stable financial life. However, for safety and insurance reasons, most employers won’t let just anyone drive a forklift. They typically require that your are trained, and OSHA certified.

Forklift training and certification, like for any other trade, can be expensive. Because of the cost, many would-be forklift drivers continue working for less pay, and less job security.

However, here in Kansas City, there is a special government-backed training center that will train and certify you to drive a forklift for FREE!

The class only takes two weeks and once completed, the training center will help you with job placement.

Think about that… You’re only 2 weeks away from a good paying job and a stable financial future!

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